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Hair Protector ™

Hair Protector ™

Hair Protector ™


When you love the look and feel of your current hat or head covering but it doesn’t love your hair. The Protector is made from 100% silk and fits snuggly under wool hats, skull caps and other complete head coverings. When you are looking for protection that offers complete coverage for the entire head, the hair protector is for you.

-       Material:100% Silk

-       Slinky, Stretchy

-       Handmade in the USA

The DNA of Our Perfect Cap

Here’s what makes our Hair ProtectorsTM different from the wig cap and hair coverings you’re currently using.

Hair Protector ™
  • 100% Silk

    Our caps are all made from silk, ensuring that your hair is kept in the best condition while you’re wearing your wig, turban or hat
  • Better Durability

    Our caps are made from high quality silk, so they don’t cause pressure or rip easily.
  • Smart Stretch

    All our caps are specially designed to distribute the stretch evenly throughout, so you won’t get a headache from wearing one of our caps.
  • Better Hair

    Our caps come in a variety of colors, and are made to protect your scalp and hairline. They’re not just functional, they’re meant to protect your hair



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