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A dynamic individual with several irons in several fires at any given time, Janelle Billingslea is pretty much a non-stop bundle of creative energy tamed/contained only by her own inherent drive for quality and success (the two equating to the same outcome for her).

Janelle started out in Juneau, Alaska, but via a wide array of different motivations has found herself holidaying, working or dreaming in over thirty countries across the globe. This fortunate exposure to the far reaches of cultural diversity as well as an identifiable common thread running through humanity went a long way to informing the creative outlet she is now pouring herself into: hair accessories for the fashion-forward and bon vivants of the world. Both the range of hair accessories and hair care products has a strong focus on African-American hair.

This portion of the market today is flooded with swathes of postscript and also-ran accessory lines, mimicking mainstream best-sellers from the season prior and hurriedly applying the same formula. Ever the consummate craftswoman driven by a spark of curiosity however, Janelle’s range is next level. Boundaries and preconceptions are being pushed in every direction; the fashion is unapologetically on the forefront, the quality is outstanding and the designs themselves feature materials and manufacturing technologies not currently available anywhere else. This is the real deal. Bold prints, colors from beyond, wraps, scarves, ties, glorious days and impromptu adventures - it’s a diverse selection created for people rather than market statistics.

The realization of this line is ultimately the product of Janelle’s drive for quality and innovation, facilitated by just some of the skills she learned over the course of her education (having graduated from Georgetown, MIT and Stanford with current academic undertakings at Harvard). Prior to tertiary study though, Janelle channeled her drive and determination primarily towards track. Early in life she relocated from Juneau to Washington DC to pursue her passion and proven flair for athletics. To date she’s won 10 State Championships, 20 Conference Championships, three All American titles and a gold medal at the Junior Olympic games in the 400m event (complemented by her world record for the 500m in the same group). In addition to the unbridled creative passion and on-track talent (put on hold due to injury), there is also Janelle’s career in Defense. Kick started by a role with the United States Department of Defense, Janelle has since gone on to excel in the private sector in project management, acquisitions and external partnership (creation and liaison) for defense contractors such as Chenega Federal Systems, VSE, Landmark Technology and The Reger Group. Janelle is also the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the Emergent Leaders Network.

Having gone from strength to strength in this field to date, Janelle Billingslea is an energetic and focused individual; her vibrant insatiability for a job well done matched only by her talent to facilitate it. Beyond just making sure the job is done properly and completely however, underpinning Janelle’s approach is a desire to elevate the project, product or environment beyond the state in which she found it.