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We’ve seen young Americans across the country come together in amazing ways, rising to the challenge of the COVID-19 crisis by donating, volunteering, and sensitizing the elderly; it was beautiful to see.  Many Americans are protecting themselves and each other by wearing masks, washing their hands, practicing social distancing - following all the necessary precautions required to stop the rapid spread of the virus.  However, as expected, many Americans are getting tired of wearing masks as these masks over time begin to irritate the skin, cause breakouts and leave patches behind after a long time. The J.BILLINGSLEA Luxe 100% Silk Face Mask solves the problem of skin patches - with this mask, you can mask up in style and donate to others to continue in the fight against the spread of the deadly virus. 
This is why J.BILLINGSLEA created a new 100% silk face mask made out of Mulberry silk - the highest quality of silk. This mask is breathable, comfortable, and ideal for all skin types, especially sensitive skin, as it does not cause any irritation. It is also hand washable, has an air particulate filter pocket, with adjustable soft-touch ear loops. And the sole aim of creating this mask is to help encourage Americans to continue wearing their masks - and this time, in STYLE. Nothing says #stopthespread than the J.BILLINGSLEA luxury silk mask that is designed to enhance your personal style and also protect you. You can also join the 1M for $1M challenge by simply purchasing the J.BILLINGSLEA mask - for yourself, loved ones, and more to donate to strangers. For every 1 million silk masks sold, J.BILLINGSLEA will donate a $1M dollars HBCUs in the DC Metro Area
Dr. Billingslea is a long time technologist who is passionate about science and technology.  She believes in the ability of Science and Technology to improve the human condition.  COVID 19 has disproportionately impacted the African American community. And with additional resources generated through the 1M for $1M, Dr. Billingslea hopes to impact the next generation of scientists, technologists and innovators at HBCU’s who may choose to focus on solving issues that impact the black community and more broadly the world. Unfortunately, HBCU’s have historically been SIGNIFICANTLY underfunded when it comes to science and technology.  We can sit back and hope for the best or we could come together and make the difference by joining the J.BILLINGSLEA 1M for $1M Challenge to help fund HBCU’s to increase the number of black scientists and technologies in the pipeline and across the world. 
While Diversity can be easily overlooked, it is extremely important! AND a considerable portion of Black professionals come out of HBCU’s. So making SURE that HBCU’s and their Science and Tech departments are well funded, is crucial to our future. New research has shown compelling evidence that diversity unlocks innovation and drives market growth. Research has also shown that diversity is strongly correlated with increased financial returns and greater likelihood to introduce radical innovation. Enter the J. BILLINGSLEA Luxe 100% Silk Face Mask; developed to help curb the spread of the deadly COVID 19 virus while protecting our skin. Join the 1M for $1M, where for every million silk masks sold, $1M is donated to help fund institutions, especially the Science and Technology departments that educate students from diverse/minority backgrounds and that teach students from diverse minority communities.